Attitude of student nurses towards people

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Attitude of Patients towards Student Nurses

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Nurses' attitudes towards people who are homeless: a literature review

Student‘s attitudes towards older people and their intention to work with them 30 The influence of clinical experience with older people 37 Interaction with older people Saudi nursing students‘ experience of older people Identifying nursing students’ attitudes and biases towards individuals with mental illness is an appropriate initial first step to developing appropriate educational programs to help train future nurses in working with sensitively with their patients.

Nurses and students will have negative attitudes towards disabled people due to fear, ignorance, cultural and social reasons (Ashcroft & Lutfiyya, ; Matziou et al., ; Tervo & Palmer, ; Velonaki et al., ).

Negative attitudes towards disabled people may negatively affect the quality of nursing care. that attitudes towards mental illness and people with mental illness among nursing staff in psychiatric and so- matic health care were similar.

Related studies from somatic health care also illustrate the phenomenon of [18]. ATTITUDE OF STUDENT NURSES’ TOWARD PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to review the attitude of nursing students towards people with disabilities in the western world and compare this with the pilot study from Africa for possibility of cultural differences and demographical variables.

This article reports a study in which the attitudes towards people with learning disabilities held by three groups of student nurses (two Project groups and .

Attitude of student nurses towards people
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